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Femalemacho stands for female empowerment and eclectic tastes in music

Serving music since 1998, Heike Suerman took the name from her favorite rave shirt and started to spin as Dj Femalemacho. Before that she organized house music parties in galleries and arty venues and founded a fashion label called Rosebud Rainbow Fashion. Before that ...

...moving to Berlin before the wall came down, she immersed herself into the very special, weird and experimental underground atmosphere in West Berlin. Female artists and bands like Malaria with Gudrun Gut, Annette and Inga Humpe, House Dj Maria Coloures and artist Tabea Blumenschein have shown her the strength of female artistic power and unique experimental music.

In the 10's, Heike co-founded the DMY Berlin Design Festival and toured with this format through Asia. She organized and played for the DMY Club Laboratory in Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and Hong Kong. In Berlin she played in Clubs like Bar 25, Cookies, Monarch Bar, Picknick and Club 103.

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