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Let them dance

Heike Suerman is a concept Dj and finds unique sounds for different settings. Living in Berlin in the 90s, she has a deep connection to the club culture. Depending on the occasion, you will find a wide variety of styles in her sets. She gets people dancing thanks to her love of music, eclectic tastes, empathy and nice energy. 

With her sets she always creates a certain atmosphere of her own, be it for dancing or just listening.

Up next


Bestival at World Chess Club Berlin 



Pop Kudamm



Lisbon Opening Art Gallery 



City Lab Berlin, Galerie Kornfeld Berlin, Kater Blau, Hotel Michelberger, C/O Berlin, Double Check Taipei, Universal Music, KaDeWe Berlin, Esprit Düsseldorf, Märkisches Museum, Popkudamm, Urania Berlin, Tech Open Air, THF Rosinenbar, 2Raumwohnung After Show, Design Preis Berlin Brandenburg, 68 projects Berlin

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